Friday, November 1, 2013

Fare Una Paseggiatta

Today while I was in the park doing laps on my bike I was overwhelmed by the crowds of people taking a passeggiata.  It's All Saints Day, or more accurately la Festa di Ognissanti. Wish I had taken photos.

It made me think of how in America we don't slow down enough to take walks.  We run, we hike, we power walk, we must sweat, we have to be in a rush, as we have another appointment. We never have time to stroll, we in fact abhor the very word. We see it as a negative thing. We don't know what the world pause means.  We really don't understand this passtime of just strolling and letting loose.  We're in too much of a rush to do...I don't know what.

If you're depressed or just want to smile and see life from a different perspective, go to the park and give in. Take a stroll and change your life. You can see deeply into people's lives this way.