Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome Back!

Today Nicola and his family came into Florence to visit me and to welcome me back into my home. I couldn't wait to see them, and invited them over for lunch.

Nicola is my landlord. He and his family have become precious friends and supporters. Without him, I could not have obtained my legal residence in Florence (he jumped through hoops to respresent me at City Hall last year) I have spent time at their homes in San Casciano and Siena. They have treated me well. During my illness in California, they helped me to sublet my apartment in order to make it possible for me to return. They took care of everything and managed everything, right down to the laundry.

We had a splendid reunion. Nicola brought flowers. Nicoletta brought her famous Tiramisu. Cesare brought 2 bottles of Chianti. The children, Cosimo and Costanza brought their artistic creations on paper. Additionally, they brought me three giant sacks of crisp, clean linens, sheets and towels that Nicoletta laundered for me while I was absent.

I made an easy meal of insalata di fagioli, zucchini crudo al'olio di tartuffe, insalata mista, salami, prosciutto, and pane. The kids loved the clothes that I brought back for them from Abercrombie and Fitch, and they fit perfectly! We had a blast. I am happy to be back home.