Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Town Hall

Catching the moon rising over Palazzo Vecchio tonight while taking a two-wheeled evening passeggiata was a glorious moment which captured a plethora of emotions in a single vision. Irrespective of how often I pass through the piazza I am always struck by overwhelming feelings of passion, pride and gratitude. Tonight these sentiments overflowed in the form of joyous tears.

It was here in Palazzo Vecchio that one year ago I was ceremoniously presented with my official Florentine residency acknowledging my final acceptance into the Florentine community shortly after being granted my Italian citizenship through "ius sanguinis". (Latin for the "right of blood".)

For this reason I feel a very deep-rooted connection with the Palazzo. This magnificent palace, world renowned as a historic bastion of political power, is my town hall. It is where my new life in Florence was officially cannonized, and where my dreams have become reality.

I am constantly drawn here, whether to delve more deeply into the Palazzo's art, history, to tour its magnificent interior, or just while strolling around, to say hello and connect with the power and appreciation that it fires up in me.