Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aria di Rinuccio

An aria that I learned to love as a little girl....
Never knowing the meaning it would have to me today

Aria di Rinuccio
from Gianni Schicchi
Giacomo Puccini

"Florence is like a flowering tree which grows in the Piazza Signoria,
But its roots draw new strength from the fertile valleys.
Florence blossoms, and strong palaces and slender towers rise to the stars.
The Arno sings as it kisses the Piazza Santa Croce,
before hurrying to its mouth.
Its song is so sweet that all the streams join in as a chorous.
So let those versed in arts and sciences join in making Florence richer.
Welcome Arnolfo from the Val d'Esa to build his beautiful tower.
Welcome Giotto from the Mugello woods, and Medici the bold merchant.
Enough of these mean petty prejudices. Long live the newcomers, Gianni Schicchi!"