Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ho Fatto Una Decisione!

Tonight Nicola visited to collect the rent and to get my I leaving on December 15th, as planned? Shall he start looking for someone to occupy the apartment when I leave?

But Italy won't let me go right now. I want to experience Christmas in Italy......and so much more...but for now, I stay.

He was delighted..I was fortunate to find Niccola, this apartment, this situation, this opportunity. Nicola is one of many people and experiences that are, without provocation, validating my instinct to least for now. Before he left, Nicola invited me to dinner with his family and friends at his home in San Casciano the week after next. His good friend and opera critic, Cesare Orsini will also be there. This has to be a dream. Pinch, pinch.