Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Riding with Will from NYC

On Sunday during the Giro della Toscana I met Will Schneider from NYC, a professional USA Cycling Coach and Cat 2 racer, owner of VO2MaxOut, who is here in Tuscany for the week, training a cycling client. During the pasta party after the Granfondo we got to talking, sharing stories about New York and Tuscany. We decided to hook up for a ride together before he leaves for New York. So we arranged to ride together today. I warned him that I'm no competition for him, and as long as he wanted to do a "fun" ride, that I could show him some great roads. He very willingly agreed.

It was a blast of a ride and we had an excellent time together. We rode up to Monte Senario, and just like everyone from out-of-town who rides with me up there, he was fascinated. One of the monks even offered to take us for a tour of the convent and the church. It was fascinating for me, even though I've been there at least 10 times in the last month.

On the way back I thought he would probably want to get back to his hotel right away, but he offered to take me to lunch, so I took him to Rocco's in the San'Ambrogio market, which is one of my favorite lunch spots, and I knew that a New Yorker would love it. And he did.

Anyway, it was another great experience, meeting someone from back home and sharing the Tuscany that I've come to know.