Thursday, November 12, 2009

A New Palestra and Some New Friends

After being ill for such a long time, I realized how out-of-shape I am. Now what? The winter is almost here, and this isn't the time to start training on my bicycle.

So I decided to treat myself to a one-month membership at the Four Seasons Hotel Spa & Gym. The only acceptable alternative to an Italian Palestra. Quite American. An oasis in the middle of Florence. Just what I need to recover my body and my soul.

It is indeed the most luxurious gym I have ever seen, with views that can't be imagined. Here I spent a few hours today, enjoying the beautiful and relaxing ambience and trying out all of the machines, equipped with T.V.'s, USB connections...the latest and the greatest. This doesn't feel like Italy, but the views are definitely Tuscany.

I luxuriated in the spa, surrounded by magnificent marble and plush robes, towels...everything you can possibly need. Gorgeous lockers, individual make-up tables, hairdryers.....

Oh my God, I better not get too used to this!

In the evening, I joined Lucia and some of her friends and students for an aperitivo and met an interesting guy, Roberto, who works for Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians, out of Florence. Afterwards. we had dinner with an Italian Conversation Meet-Up Group where I made some interesting new acquaintances.