Sunday, September 4, 2011

Italian Citizenship for My Family!!

After spending a great week with my nephew Michael in Florence, he just boarded his plane back to New York with his Italian citizenship. We received the exciting news an hour before he left. I cried for joy as we said goodbye.  A miracle of timing. 

Especially because we didn't expect the Italian Consulate to review our case for at least another year.

After an extraordinary series of destined events, I was awarded my dual citizenship in 2009.  I still haven't written the book, but it's coming.  My story is moving, and as I have learned, unique.  A year later, in conjunction with Michael, I started working to extend my Italian citizenship to the rest of my family. Sisters, brother and their children.  First born nephew Michael thirsted for it the most and spearheaded the collection of all documents and apostille for the family.  He wanted it badly and he so strongly appreciated his Italian roots.  The fact that he was was here when we received the news, was yet another sign, another act of fate. 

Which once again confirmed the pre-ordained road that led me back to my blood roots a whole century after my great-grandpa Ciro Mazzella immigrated from Lacco Ameno, Italy to New York.  Nothing could be more gratifying than to know that now this gift will be handed down to future generations and that it doesn't just stop with me. 

Thank you, great granpa!  Something stopped you from giving up your Italian citizenship a century ago, like everyone else did in exchange for their American citizenship.  But why didn't you?  And why was this unknown or irrelevant for the next 100 years until I dug up my roots and put the pieces together? Nobody will ever know the story.  I've got to believe you did it for me. Your dream has been fulfilled.