Monday, October 11, 2010

The Last of the Harvest

Every single day in Tuscany offers a new sight, a new activity, a new perspective to behold. There are never two days that the landscape looks the same. The dynamic life cycle of Tuscany is visually and sensually exciting.

As I begin each bike tour, I always hope that there will be something special to show my clients, and it never fails. Today, even though the sky was cloudy and the vineyards were void of grapes, the yellow and brown colors of autumn presented a striking contrast against the silvery olive trees and the dark green cypress, making the landscape a visual delight. As the grapes disappear, the olives grow larger and larger. Soon the olive harvest will take place. As one activity ends, the next one begins.

Our arrival today at Villa Le Corti was indeed a tremendous surprise. We witnessed perhaps the very last of the harvest activities, as we watched the last truckloads of grapes being dumped into the de-stemming machines. It was a great experience for all to watch, and it made my wine cellar tour more relevant and real for all.