Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Riding in Chianti With my Team

Please don't ever let me take this for granted.

I enjoyed a full weekend of riding with the team, yesterday an 80K ride to Piazza and San Casciano, and today a 130k ride to San Gimignano, where this photo was taken just outside the city wall.

Great people and 2 gorgeous days of riding through towns that are destinations for cyclists from all over the world. But no big deal to the guys in the team who were raised here and consider this just another ride. To me, it is a dream come true. All mine, in my own backyard.

All the guys in the club are super fun to be with, they accept me although it is rare for a woman to ride a bike, so I am lucky. I really enjoy observing the tight friendship they have...and I get a kick out of how they chit-chat together during the ride. It's a true honor to be accepted into this group and to have the opportunity to build team friendships over time.