Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Becoming a Bike Tour Guide

Tomorrow I will start my first bike tour guiding job. I've been hired by Best Tuscan Tours, a company that designs custom luxury tours. For my first job, I'll be spending three days guiding a tour along the Amalfi Coast for a couple from Washington, DC who are enjoying a 2 week honeymoon in Campania. Last night I reviewed the itinerary and details with Leif. Today I met with Dominick, the owner of Best Tuscan Tours. We made an instant connection and have much in common! He worked as a middle market trader for Merrill Lynch, in the WFC, right in my neck of the NYC woods, just yards away from where I lived and worked by Wall Street. And he's from New we had alot to talk about.

I am studying maps and getting all my supplies and tools ready for tomorrow's trip. Roberto, the van support driver will pick me up, and then we will pick up the 2 bikes for our clients, and drive down to meet them in Sorrento. I am so happy that Roberto doesn't speak any English....we will have many hours together in the van to get acquainted and I hope to develop a good rapport with him, as we will be a team! And what a great opportunity for me to practice my Italian.

Next Friday I will be training for another tour company, Pers Bike Tours. For this company I will be guiding one day tours out of Florence. It looks like I'll be very busy working this summer and fall.