Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Morning Fun and Afternoon Reflection

This morning I joined Leif for a ride through the southern Florentine hills, where we passed through San Donato and the stunning mountaintop villa of Torre a Cona. Leif is becoming a dear friend.

On the way back, we passed by the bike shop and I signed up for the Gran Fondo Mugello Ciclotour, which takes place this Sunday.

I spent the afternoon taking care of chores, defrosting my refrigerator, watering my plants, and dreaming up some business ideas. I feel so inspired living in is the perfect environment for the nurturing and development of my thoughts.

My apartment faces a long, large Florentine courtyard, laced with plants, terracotta rooftops and with a view of the Duomo perfectly situated in the distance. Not too close and not too far. Just the perfect distance away. It is such a peaceful little niche, that hundreds of swallows have chosen it as their home. When home during the day, I can hear their sweet songs right outside my windows...they are so close, I think that one day they will fly right inside my apartment. I feel like they are a part of my life. In the morning, the sound of the Duomo bells wakes up the swallows and they start singing, flying and rejoicing the new day. Then they take off and fly around the city, just to return to their nests, right outside my window, at sunset, when again, their songs echo against the sound of the Duomo bells as they say goodnight.

Even though I love being outside on a beautiful day like today, I also enjoy relaxing in my apartment, hanging out my laundry, having an occasional caffe', studying and reading, while listening to the songs of the swallows, and reflecting on my thoughts and my future, which is evolving towards something big.