Friday, June 26, 2009

Thunder and Rain

The electricity just went out. The thunder is furiously crashing as the rain pours in endless torrents. The lightening is cracking so close, so sharply, that I shut my windows immediately. The earth shakes. It feels like the world is ending. Where are all those swallows? Are they really hanging out under the eaves in this downpour? My internet connection is down. I watch out my window, observing the old ladies opening their shutters trying to save their hanging laundry from becoming drenched, but it's too late.

I've never enjoyed the rain like I enjoy it here in Florence. It is part of the drama, part of the magnificence of this place. The rain complements Florence. They go together so perfectly. They are both powerful, electric, earth shattering reminders of the majesty and vulnerability of life.

I wonder how long it will take for my internet connection to recover. But it's not important. I thank God for allowing me to experience the seasons again, in all of their sheer power.