Friday, September 12, 2008

Cynthia' Visit

First thing that happened to me today was that I blew my American flatiron! I knew it would happen, eveb with an electrical converter, but I had to try it anyway.

Cynthia is a dear friend and former student of mine (before I entered the financial services arena) from Staten Island, who, during her Junior Year Abroad in Florence 15 years ago, decided to remain here. She's happily married and with her 2 youngsters Julia and Dario, they live in Tavarnelle, a quintessential Tuscan borgo in Chianti. When Cynthia was married here in 1996, I flew in from the States to attend her wedding in Lucca. Since then, over the years, we lost touch, but when I decided on this trip, we reuinited with much joy and alot of catching up to do with each other! Cynthia was a great help in assisting me to find an apartment here in Florence, and helped me to finalize my living arrangement here.

Today, we finally reunited....she came to my apartment with her little ones and needless to say, this was quite an emotional experience for us both. And, in anticipation of my trip to Ischia next week, she called the Ufficio di Anagrafe al Comune Lacco Ameno, gave them the information pertaining to my document search and prepared them to expect me next Thursday.

For dinner I prepared linguine allo scoglio…yes it was frozen, but it was still better than what I could have made with American fish!

It rained and the mosquitoes are getting in.