Saturday, July 4, 2009

Residency Denied

This morning I found a notice in my mailbox which informed me to pick up an official letter from the Comune di Firenze. I was scared, because after 2 months upon filing my residency papers I still had not been visited by the Vigili to verify that I really live here, and had been worried that maybe something has gone wrong. I was afraid there might be some bad news in the letter, so I hurried to the post office and held my breath before opening it up and reading it.

The letter was written in strong authoritative legal language, and had a threatening tone. I felt like some kind of criminal upon reading it. My heart was beating rapidly and I broke out into a sweat, rushing home to pull out my dictionary to figure out what exactly is the problem. I was very nervous and afraid. I immediately called Cynthia and read the letter to her.

Cynthia explained to me that this is just a typical, standard letter from the Comune, advising me that the Vigili tried to visit me to verify my residency, but I was not home when they came.

I wondered why then, couldn't the letter have just said that in friendly terms, rather than with such threatening language.

So now, I have to start all over from scratch again. I was hoping to receive my Carta d'Identita' so that I don't have to carry my Italian passport with me all the time, and to take advantage of the resident privilege of receiving free entry into the museums in Florence this summer, but it looks like I'll be lucky to get it in time for the fall, since everything will close down for August.