Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Am Officially a Fiorentina !!!!!!!

This was a very special day. Today I went to Palazzo Vecchio to pick up my Carta d'Identita'! I almost started crying as Signora Moscatelli handed it to me! Not only am I officially a "Fiorentina", but now I have the I.D. to show it. The "Carta d'Identita" is significant in Italy. You only get it after a thorough investigation. There's no American equivalent. Essentially a national identity card, it authenticates your vital statistics, including residence and citizenship. It was a long process involving many steps of verification, a visit by the vigili (police) to verify my residency, and many meetings with the local officials.

Equally exciting is the fact that my town hall is the Palazzo Vecchio.

As I left Palazzo Vecchio with my Carta d'Identita', I followed a class of art students and a passionate art professor who was lecturing them on the 4 most significant sculptures in the Piazza Signoria. I learned so much, and in particular, I developped a deeper appreciation for my new favorite, The Rape of The Sabine Women, Giambologna's masterpiece.