Wednesday, July 8, 2009

High Fashion Cycling

I've been reluctant to betray my image as a serious road cyclist, but the time has come. For the sake of both function and fashion.

I am now the proud owner of an old ugly beat-up city bike that makes so much noise, that people know I'm coming from blocks away. My bell, which is loose, rings by itself every time I hit a bump. So they know I am coming. I finally got the guts to wear a pretty mid-length ruffled skirt with 2 inch heels. I either looked quite ridiculous or quite cute. The bikes are made with chain guards and fenders, so nothing gets stuck! Perfect. So you can get somewhere and still look good without breaking a collar bone.

In the process I discovered something. A new feeling. You know, it really feels breezy and very feminine to ride a bike wearing a dress. I think I'll always do it. It's pretty cool.

Leif invited me to come to San Frediano for what he said was the best pizza in Florence at Vico del Carmine. Most places claim to have the best. But this place won my own heart. The cheese was the best buffalo mozzarella north of Napoli, and the sauce was perfectly sweet. The menu was in Napolitano dialect and they definitely used ingredients straight from Napoli.

Breezing through Florence wearing a skirt on my bike is a really cool feeling. There are so many new feelings that I am feeling here in Florence that I never felt before. I didnt' know that feelings come in such unusal shapes and sizes. The pizza was the best and I got a chance to see San Frediano with a good friend, and taste yet another great gelato!