Friday, July 17, 2009

Ride to Borgo San Lorenzo

Today I woke up early and met Leif at 7am for an 80K ride through Rufina and Dicomano up to Borgo San Lorenzo and back through Fiesole. A caffe' halfway through, and by the time we got to the climb, I was pooped. I had forgotten to put on sunscreen and I really suffered as I felt the heat going right through my skin. However, the long downhill that weaves back to Florence through Fiesole is always a refreshing ending to a ride going north.

In the afternoon I went to Tavarnelle where Luca attended to my dental problem, and fixed the bridge that had fallen out. It's doesn't hurt to have a dentist "in the family".

On my way back, 2 tourists asked me for directions. I guess I must look like I belong here!