Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Little Revenge

Last night Rebecca and I finally caught up with each other since we had both been traveling these past couple of weeks. We went to Il Pizzaiuolo in Sant'Ambrogio and then took a walk through Firenze.

The streets are empty for this time of year. The crisis has hit hard here. So much of the local economy depends on tourism, which is at an all-time low. I wonder what it's going to be like in August when all the shops close down and everyone fanno le ferie, goes on vacation. I think I'm going to be the only one here!

When we headed back along the Arno from Borgo Ognissanti towards the Ponte Vecchio, we were in for a big surprise! The moon was gigantic, beaming, fat, full and orange, as it broke through the clouds over the river, shooting beams of light on the city. It was a special sight that only lasted for a few minutes, after which the moon slipped back inside the clouds.

When we got back to my house, we were in for another big surprise! Someone, who couldn't find a parking space for their bike, decided to block up Rebecca's bike and locked up his bike in the same space, making it impossible to get her bike out. We tried everything to release her bike, but the other bike was locked smack in front of hers, to the same post. We were downright angry that someone could be so inconsiderate to do this. After struggling and getting our hands and clothes filthy, we gave up. Since Rebecca needed her bike to get to work the next day, I lent her mine.

But not until after we smiled at each other and released the air from the other bike's front tire.