Thursday, May 21, 2009

All Resolved!

Today was a successful day. Today I finalized all of my residency documents with the comune (city hall). Residency is a very serious matter here and is strictly monitored. Within the next 2 weeks, the Polizia will visit me unexpectedly to make sure that I really live here. Whenever a person moves to a new house or apartment, they are paid a visit before their residency becomes official. Today I received the document that I needed in order to take advantage of my rights as a citizen. For example, now I can get access to the healthcare system. Tomorrow I will go to the Ufficio Sanitario to enroll in the healtcare system and to select my doctors

I finally bought a new phone, a major accomplishment, because I had to conduct the whole buying process in Italian. I was proud of myself. I "syncd it" with my Outlook database and after 2 hours, I retrieved my contact database. I am up and running again, and feeling so much better than yesterday.

Angella arrived today from California. She lives and works here, but went back to San Diego for 2 weeks to visit her family. She is originally from San Diego. We will meet-up for dinner on Sunday night.