Sunday, May 17, 2009

Raduno Landici Bike

Today was another great day of cycling through the beautiful surroundings of Florence, and another great learning experience. This was my second Raduno. A Raduno is the same thing as a charity ride in the U.S. .In Italy, the charity rides are more frequent, much more localized, and you have to have a license in order to participate. I am learning that in Italy you have to have a license or "permisso" to do almost anything! Lots of rules and therefore, lots of opportunity for Italians to exercise their authority and their need to have process, rank and authority.

The raduno started in Scandicci at a local bike store, and we took a 74K loop to Montespertoli and back. Awaiting us at the end was "Bacelli (fava beans) e Pecorino", wine, dolce, fruit, and we all received a bottle of local olive oil, a water bottle and a pair of socks. All this for 3 Euro. As we headed back for Florence, David, Natascha and I decided to do some more "miles", so we rode out to Dicomano and back home. All this with a bottle of olive oil in my jersey pocket!!!!

I watched Stage 10 of the Giro d'Italia on T.V. Who ever would have thought that I would be watching the Giro d'Italia on my T.V. in Italy? What a dream come true.

Today it was quite hot, and the sun was shining. The weather has really changed over the past week. Spring is in full bloom, and the warm weather has brought out the mosquitoes, or zanzare. I've heard alot about the mosquitoes here....but I can't imagine that they could ever be as bad as they were in New York. We'll see. Most of my friends here have mosquito nets hanging over their beds. I hope I won't need one, because my ceiling is so high....I don't know how I would install it.