Thursday, May 14, 2009

Found a City Bike!!

Today I finally found an old used city bike! I found it in a teeny-weeny dark cluttered bicycle repair shop, just a few blocks away from me. Givovanni, the florist told me to see his friend Pietro. Pietro is a little old man who's probably owned the store all his life. He usually only does repairs, but he just "happened" to have this used bike which seems perfect for me. I took it for a test drive, and Pietro supplied me with a basket for the front, and the back. He also gave me 2 heavy duty catenas (chain locks) that I will use to lock my bike to the rastrelliera (outdoor bike rack) in Piazza Salvemini.

The bike isn't quite as ugly as I had wanted, but I didn't want to spend more time hunting one down. The price was right and I have been anxious to look like a real Fiorentina, carrying my flowers and fresh bread in my basket! Someday I even want to learn how to wear high heels while riding my bike, like many of the Florentine women do.

I hope my bike isn't too pretty. It's used, but it looks nicer than most of the old, rusty, beat-up bikes that I've seen. So, I'm a little afraid that it could be stolen. Well, all I can do is try. And if it gets stolen, I will just have to buy something uglier.

After lunch I picked up my bike and pedaled around to get used to it. What a great sense of freedom! I went down to the Arno and pedaled peacefully as the sun set. Then I headed home and locked up the bike at the piazza and I am praying that it will still be there tomorrow!