Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cycling the Amalfi Coast

Today was a fantasy day of cycling the spectacular Amalfi Coast. I've spent alot of time here in the past, but never on a bike. Much to my surprise, there was minimal traffic, and the riding was not nearly as dizzying as it appears when you're in a car. The multiple panoramic vistas are so overwhelming, that we couldn't possibly ride without making many photo stops along the way. We stopped in Positano, descended the 1,000 steps carrying our bikes and enjoyed a lunch of frutta di mare at an outdoor trattoria, where we absorbed the excitement all around us. As the seductive blue water of the Tyrrhenian Sea begged us to drop our bikes and jump in for a swim, we resisted the tempation and climbed back up the 1,000 steps to continue our ride to Amalfi. After negotiating the many twists and turns and tunnels cut through the coastal cliffs, we arrived in Amalfi. There we enjoyed a gelato and walked through the village, wishing we could linger longer. We then headed back for Sorrento, enjoying one last time the splendid coast and its stunning panoramas.

Later, we joined Leif and Roberto for a wonderful dinner of frutti di mare. Much to my surprise, Leif asked me if I would be interested in guiding a 3 day bike tour here next week!

"After all", he said...."now you know the roads. And this is where you're from. You're right for the job. This is your opportunity."

I said "yes"!

Tomorrow we climb Mount Vesuvio!