Thursday, May 7, 2009

Visiting the Ministero delle Finanze

Today's class was so good that it got me high. It made me flash back to the exact moment, the exact setting and the exact professor responsible for inspiring my passion for the Italian language when I first studied Dante in college.

After class I met Lucia for a caffe' while she was taking a break from teaching her own classes at Istituto Italiano. Then I went to a few phone stores to get opinions about my Blackberry. It appears that it is irreparably damaged. But I'm still going to let it dry out for another few days before I give up on it.

Then I went to the Ministero delle Finanze to have my name changed on my Codice Fiscale (Italian equivalent of our Social Security Number) from Barrett to Masefield.. The man proceded to make a mistake and my name didn't get changed. He told me to come back on Monday, because after making the mistake, he couldn't try correcting it, since it is now one minute past closing time.

Tomorrow I am going to play hookey from school. Instead, I am going to cycle to Siena (about 80 miles) with Leif and Rebecca.