Sunday, May 24, 2009

Be Here Now

I learned a lesson today. I'll never miss having a DVR again. Today I watched Stage 15 on T.V., live after getting back on track following last night's blackout.

Here, every minute of the Giro is televised live. Since I don't have a Video Recorder, there's only one chance to see it. No tomorrows, no excuses. There's no rewinding to replay an attack. There's no fast-forwarding to see the last 10K. .

And as I discovered today, it's so much better this way because I'm so much more involved. I'm tuned-in to every word, every move. How spoiled we get with DVRs. How can you ever really be in the moment when you know that the moment has passed?

Today was an exciting and maybe decisive stage. Sadly, during today's stage, I watched my all-time "Giro Hero", Gilberto Simoni (two-time Giro winner) lose over 20 minutes of time. He's out of the GC. And he's probably seen his last Giro. It's sad. I've always loved Gibo, especially after seeing him take the 2001 Giro maglia rosa in person. I love his climbing style. But it seems that he's seen his day. I'm sorry to see him go.