Saturday, May 16, 2009

Team Photo

Today the team got together for our team photo, which has been on the agenda for some time. I cycled to Pizza Liberta' where I met Rebecca, and this was the first time that we both wore our full team uniform. We both agreed that we have to do something about these uniforms, which aren't particularly flattering to the female body. So we laughed about how funny we look. Rebecca, who knows how to sew and has a sewing machine suggested that we get together one day at her house to pin each other up and make alterations to our uniforms. That sounds like a great idea!

We headed to the Giardino dell'Orticoltura, where we met the rest of the team, and we had a real blast posing for photos in front of Il prato con la loggetta rinascimentale and La fontana del Serpente and gardens of roses. It was alot of fun. The guys on the team are so friendly and attentive to the women, in a very respectful way. Italian men have a beautiful way of expressing themselves, that is so innocent and down-to-earth. I love that.

After the photo, we all rode to Pontassieve, when out of nowhere there appeared dark clouds and it started pouring rain. It took about an hour of riding to get back home. I was soaked. After a soothing shower, I spent a few hours studying, writing to my friends back home and then cleaned and prepared my bike for tomorrow's Raduno Landini, a charity ride that starts in Scandicci.

I never go to bed without thanking God for bringing me here.