Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting Focused Again

I stayed up late last night updating my blog. Even though I was tired after a vigorous weekend of cycling, socializing and speaking Italian, I needed to "vomitare in inglese". That is, I needed an outlet to flush things out in my native language. My thoughts were overflowing, and I needed to write right away in order to get it all out and relax....and finally, sleep!

It was a little hard to wake up this morning but since it was my first day of language classes, I was eager to get started. Istituto David is a small but intimate school at Piazza della Repubblica. The teachers were excellent (2 hours of grammar and 2 hours of conversation) and it felt great to get into the groove again. We reviewed il tempo congiuntivo, which is really the basis of Florentine style and I still need to master it. Thank God I don't have much homework tonight.

I tried to get on my bike trainer to spin out my legs, but so far today it hasn't happened yet.

Nicola stoped by a few minutes ago to collect the rent and to make sure that I am keeping the plants on the terrace watered. He is a sweetheart.

I'm already anticipating next Sunday's Gran Fondo in San Gimignano!