Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blackberry Drowned by Smart Italian Sink

My Blackberry doesn't work. It drowned last night. I am doing a good job not panicking. More than 250 lifetime contacts are on that phone. In addition to other "can't live-without" features.

This morning I realized that my Blackberry was swimming in a puddle of water in my handbag all night long. Apparently when I went to the bathroom at the restaurant last night, I laid my handbag in the sink while brushing my hair and didn't notice that the water faucet incorrectly detected a pair of hands, and filled it up. Who would think that an Italian sink could be so smart? (Or that I could be so dumb?)

So, for a whole day I have been living without a telephone. When I thought about what the alternatives are, I started wondering whether I really need all those features and all those 250 contacts.

I sent an e-mail to those people who are most likely to call or SMS me, to advise that my phone "non funziona". It turned out to be only 11 people.

Well, maybe that means that I don't really need a Blackberry. I will wait a few days to see if it dries out. And if not, then I'll probably buy the smallest no-frills phone that I can find. And live the way I really want to. Senza complicazione.

I had another good class today. I finally got my trainer all set up and took a spin in my bedroom for 45 minutes, gazing out of my window onto the Florentine courtyard, listening to an Italian news podcast. Berlusconi embarrases the government again with his dramatic and sordid personal life.

Tonight I was honored to be a part of Lorenzo's birthday celebration. We met in front of the chiesa at Santa Croce, had a great dinner and then gelato at Vivoli. It is great to be a part of this group.