Friday, May 22, 2009

Giro d'Italia Comes to Florence

Seeing the arrival of today's Stage13 in my own backyard was an experience I never dreamed would happen. I've been in love with the Giro for 15 years, followed the last 5 stages on my bike in 2001, but never thought I would be living here to see it! Needless to describe the excitement of hanging from a lampost 250 meters from the finish line watching Cavendish winning the sprint, along with my new cycling friends from Florence. I can only compare the experience to seeing the Super Bowl in person, but even better.

There's Paolo puckering up to me! Carissimo!

Just as exciting as the race itself, was being right up front to watch Il Processo alla Tappa (the technical analysis of the stage), which I've only seen on T.V. Being right there to see such famous journalists and ex-pros like Francesco Moser, Gigi Sgarbozza, Nazareno Balani, Maurizio Fondriest, Fabio Sacchi and Andrea Fusco was an outstanding experience.

Tomorrow we're off to see Stage 14, at Campi Bisenzo.